The Whitburn Adventures: From "A-Ha" to "ZZ Top"

Once upon a time (two years ago) a wondrous, awe -inspiring gift was bestowed upon me by the great Lord Thomas, the Rich of Mound. Said gift was his digital collection of musical runes, an electronic treasure trove obscured by time, with the ominous moniker "The Whitburn Collection".Upon opening the Godly folder, with my mightiest of double-clicks a mortal could possess, mine eyes could not conceive of the message displayed by my iTunes banner. The glowing box proclaimed the impossible: ELEVEN THOUSAND ARTISTS ... FORTY FOUR THOUSAND SONGS. So now as I venture through the ballads of decades past, from 1890 to 2012, I share these hidden gems and laughable lack luster larks to all who will hear my joyous cry: "From A to Z, From A-Ha to ZZ Top".